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IT Architecture can be Feasible and Innovative

To re-turn to feasibility each enterprise has to innovate.

And to innovate means to disrupt. For me feasibility, has to be an attribute of innovation,  thanks to which new business processes and models are adapted, improved and adopted.

My skill lies in delivering solutions that are innovative, while in the same time feasible, because of my skill of guiding the projects along the least disruptive path. My innovations are not disrupting business abilities of product creation or service delivery.

As an IT Executive and Architect I am bringing the uniformly balanced approach between innovation and feasibility. Firmly based on the solid foundation built on years of commercial experience and technical knowledge.

I am directing, managing and delivering a lot of complex IT projects. I am also successful in selecting the right mixture of tools and technologies. Achieving the peer recognition in proclaiming the importance of the single key word: Feasibility.

Not just feasible technology or development, but full life-cycle feasibility of marketing, delivery and maintenance.

What appeals to me is simply and most importantly: ability to Architect and deliver tangible business benefits.

My mission: Innovate → Disrupt → Improve → Feasible™